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Eva Mendes is Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession

Eva Mendes Obsession
Calvin Klein just launched a reinvention of his famous “Obsession” perfume. Even more sensual than the original and perfect for the upcoming colder months, “Secret Obsession” is a magical potion with very oriental notes, especially the sublime aromas of exotic plums, french orange flower, wood, burnt amber and sandalwood. The brand name describes its new fragrance like this: “Secret Obsession explores the secrets that lie between love and madness. It’s about being taunted with illicit thoughts and compelled with seeking pleasure”.

Dior Homme Sport, for men like Jude Law

Dior Homme Sport Jude Law
Christian Dior has just presented the men’s world with a new perfume – following Dior Homme Cologne and Dior Homme Intense, its now time for Dior Homme Sport whose main target is a younger man, between the ages of 25 and 40. Simultaneously warm and cool, Dior Homme Sport has achieved this feat thanks to a perfect mixture of various woody, fresh and spicy aromas. The perfume’s freshness is based on notes such as sicilian lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, rosemary and lavender, while the more comforting notes are guaranteed by essences such as ginger, cedar, elemi sandalwood and vetiver.

David and Victoria Beckham’s new perfumes

David and Victoria Beckham perfumes
The DVB perfume line, belonging to the world’s most famous english couple – David and Victoria Beckham – just received two new elements: one for him and one for her! Created in cooperation with Coty, “Signature for Her” is a fruity-floral fragrance that seduces with anise and candy apple (top notes); vanilla, orchid and heliotrope (middle notes); amber, musk and patchouli (base notes).

Christina Aguilera presents “Inspire”

Christina Aguilera “Inspire”
Known for her exuberance and platinum blond hair, popstar Christina Aguilera put the microphones aside and, only eight months after giving birth to her first child, created and presented the perfume “Inspire”. Far from being an amateur in the world of perfumes (she has half a dozen signature fragrances), Christina Aguilera’s recent launch was “inspired” by everything that a female perfume should be: classic and timeless, sexy, sweet and exciting!

The 6 fragrance families of a perfume

Perfume flower
How many times have you described a perfume as being light, cool, strong, hot, sweet or heady? If you’re a fan of fragrances than you probably already know that you prefer floral perfumes, or light aromas for the summer and sensual ones for the Winter… well, the perfume specialists have also made that their business! And that’s precisely why the international perfume references divide perfumes into 6 fragrance families. With an intensity scale that starts with the lighter aromas and ends with the most concentrated, the main fragrance families are as follows:

Dior presents “Escale à Portofino”

Escale à Portofino
“There is nothing more suggestive than a perfume, precisely because it is a memory we cannot erase.” - Christian Dior The mythical french house of Dior has added another Summer pearl to its already valuable perfume collection and was inspired by… Italy! Knowing that it was one of Christian Dior’s favourite vacation spots, the perfumist François Demachy used citrus from Sicily and Calabria as inspiration, and added notes of cypress and bitter almond (very appropriate seeing as amaretto is one of the great italian legacies!). The result is called “Escale à Portofino” and it is a tribute to...

Jennifer Lopez presents her 7th perfume: Deseo

Jennifer Lopez Deseo
After “Glow”, “Love at First Glow”, “Glow After Dark”, “Live”, “Live Luxe” and “Still”, pop diva, Jennifer Lopez, presents her 7th perfume – “Deseo”. Her latin origins were the base for choosing the name – which means desire – and, according to the singer/actress, it was her own garden which inspired the notes of this fragrance.

Patrick Dempsey and Avon launch “Unscripted”

Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey – best known as Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. McDreamy – joined forces with the cosmetic giant Avon and created his own signature perfume. Maybe thanks to his wife, Jillian Dempsey, who besides being a make-up artist/guru, is also Avon’s Global Creative Color Director, the actor didn’t hesitate when presented with the challenge.

How to choose a perfume

Woman perfume
Perfumes are like our favourite colours and accessories, we use them according to the season of the year or our mood. An intimate part of who we are, we normally associate certain perfumes to a specific person because scent is quite possibly the strongest sense, as it enables us to remember moments and emotions long forgotten! Above all, perfuming our body is an act of pleasure…for us and for others! In the meantime, learn how to choose your next perfume.

History of perfume

Perfume Bottles
From the Latin word “per fumus”, “perfume” means “through the smoke”, an obvious allusion to the art of creating irresistible aromas, an art that is thousands of years old. Over its history, the perfume has played several roles: a sacred substance, a therapeutically one, a form of embellishing the body and a weapon of seduction. Primitive perfume Once man had discovered fire, he quickly learned that burning some types of wood, resins and herbs, released pleasant aromas and everything that was pleasant the primitive people used to please the gods. This practice was adopted by the Egyptians who...