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Victoria & David Beckham launch new perfume duo

Victoria & David Beckham launch new perfume duo
Fashion and style icons, Victoria and David Beckham have launched another set of perfumes: one for her, one for him. With a sexy and provocative name – Intimately Yours – this perfume was conceived to capture the essence of the passion and power that defines the Beckham’s relationship. Ladies’ first, so we present Intimately Yours For Her as a warm and captivating perfume, that seduces thanks to such notes as pear leaves, orange blossom, bergamot, freesia, lily, frangipani, vetiver, orris and sandalwood. A floral-oriental inspiration for the entire body…

Top 10 men’s perfumes for summer

Men’s Perfumes for summer
Just like women, men also have many summer perfumes to choose from – fresh and light they add an essential and cool touch to the skin, during the year’s hottest days and nights. Perfume yourself with one of our suggestions. 1. Acqua di Gio – Giorgio Armani One of the most popular men’s perfumes, Acqua di Gio is also a reflection of summer, with its marine, rosemary, musk and cedar notes. Timeless and irresistible, you can use it summer after summer… 2. Fuel for Life Summer – Diesel Young and energetic, this perfume from Diesel – of aquatic inspiration – is an ode to the summer with its notes...

Top 10 women’s perfumes for summer

Perfumes for summer
The hot days and nights of summer want a perfume that can withstand them, be it an originally light and fresh fragrance or the summer edition of your favorite perfume. Get inspired and splash some on… 1. Burberry Summer – Burberry Almost like a refreshing drink for the body, Burberry Summer is, without a doubt, a perfect summer perfume: blackcurrant, mandarin, white peach, pomegranate, freesia, rose, honeysuckle, lily of the valley, sandalwood, cedar and musk are the secrets behind its unmistakable fragrance. 2. Ô d' Azur – Lâncome A reinterpretation of the classic Ô perfume, launched in 1969...

Ferragamo launches Incanto Bloom

Incanto Bloom
Characterized by its iconic bow, Salvatore Ferragamo’s Incanto Cult Collection has a new star – the Incanto Bloom fragrance, whose bottle top is, as could be expected, designed in the form of a bow. Created for the urban and chic woman, the Incanto Bloom perfume is light, fruity and floral, whose notes include freesia, grapefruit flowers, tea roses, champaca flower, cashmere wood and musk.

Davidoff “Champion” for him

Davidoff “Champion”
The new Davidoff perfume is sporty, masculine and with a dumbbell-shaped bottle, it could only be named “Champion”. With a very sexy and powerful look, this fragrance was designed not only with athletes in mind, but all men who live an active lifestyle, based on values such as ambition, motivation and success. Much more than a perfume, Davidoff’s “Champion” wants to be part of that daily ritual that motivates a man to go farther, to do bigger and better things, to be a true champion in all his endeavors. The image of the dumbbell reinforces that strength and the entire design of this original...

Pure DKNY: an eco-friendly perfume

Pure DKNY: an eco-friendly perfume
Conceived with a drop of vanilla in water, the new Donna Karan perfume, Pure DKNY, can be described in few words: pure and eco-friendly. The vanilla used in this fragrance comes from a women’s agriculture project in Uganda that is supported by CARE – a humanitarian organization that fights global poverty. The perfume’s entire packaging is recyclable and even the inks used for printing them contain low levels of VOCs ( volatile organic compounds that are hazardous to our health and the environment ). The idea? According to Donna Karan, Pure DKNY is the answer when you need a moment of calm, to...

Top 10 women’s perfumes to give this Christmas

women perfumes Christmas
Every woman has her very own special perfume, which means it’s always a great Christmas gift idea for the women in your life. Be it your mother, sister, best friend, girlfriend or wife, there is a perfect perfume for each one – discover it with this season’s (2008) newest fragrances. 1. Chloé – Chloé Perfume & Coty Fresh, young and romantic, the new Chloé perfume (the first since 1998) is enveloped by such sublime aromas as rose peonies, magnolias, lily of the valley, warm amber and cedarwood. The perfect fragrance for confident, independent and creative women, such as the face of its...

Top 10 men’s perfumes to give this Christmas

men’s perfumes to give this Christmas
More and more, men are taking care of themselves and of how they look. That is why perfumes have become very popular in the man’s world, with a privileged place in their bathrooms. Be it for a father, brother, best friend, boyfriend or husband, there is a perfect perfume for each one – discover it with this season’s (2008) newest fragrances. 1. Roadster – Cartier The first perfume from the house of Cartier in 8 years, this “Roadster” – inspired by the label’s watch with the same name, the bottle’s cap is a reproduction of the watch’s crown – its target are young, cosmopolitan men who adore...

Paris Hilton throws us some “Fairy Dust”

Perfume Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton, the world’s most social socialite has just launched a new perfume to add to her growing empire of fragrances, shoes, clothes and hair extensions, without forgetting her music, television and movie career, as well as her inheritance of the chain of Hilton hotels. Ufff!

“Deseo” for men, by J.Lo

Deseo perfume
Following the female version of “Deseo” , Jennifer Lopez has launched her first male perfume, which she baptized with the same name. The latin queen of pop says that the way a man smells is extremely important and it should evoke three fundamental things, in who wears it and in who appreciates it: fresh masculinity, sexy allure and daring attitude.