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Top 5 men’s perfumes for Christmas 2010

One of the most popular Christmas gifts, perfumes are perfect for husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers, nephews, cousins and friends. Be inspired by these fragrant suggestions and, this Christmas, surprise the men in your life with an unforgettable perfume. 1. Force – Biotherm Homme The men’s skincare brand Biotherm Homme wants every man to be at his optimal force this Christmas, so it just launched its first perfume. In order to express the power that a masculine perfume can portray, the name “Force” couldn’t be a better choice. In terms of fragrance, this fresh perfume is enchanting,...

Lady Million is the new women’s perfume by Paco Rabane

Lady Million new women’s perfume by Paco Rabane
After the launch of Paco Rabane’s men’s perfume “1 Million”, it’s time for the ladies: Lady Million is a perfume that breathes and exudes luxury. The bottle’s design resembles a gold diamond and inside the discovery of a precious perfume, of fresh, floral and woody inspiration. Orange and orange flower, raspberry, honey, jasmine, gardenia, neroli, patchouli and amber make up the unexpected and unforgettable combination of notes for Lady Million, which was developed by perfumers Beatrice Piquet, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion.

Bang: new men’s perfume by Marc Jacobs

Simultaneously explosive and contained: this is how Marc Jacobs’ new men’s perfume can be described. Starting with its name – “Bang” – as well as its bottle, that resembles shattered glass, and ending with the fragrance that is a soft mixture of black, white and pink pepper, benzoin, elemi resin, vetiver, patchouli and white moss. A perfume of spicy-woody inspiration that was only born after the name was decided. Marc Jacobs used the name “Bang” and his passion for the aroma of pepper as a starting point for his first perfume in 8 years. Developed in collaboration with Coty, the designer...

212 VIP: the new perfume by Carolina Herrera

Contemporary and cool, the new perfume by Carolina Herrera – 212 VIP – was inspired by New York, just as the original 212 fragrance, launched in 2000, and all the other special editions presented in between. The new version of the feminine perfume, created by perfumer Alberto Morillas, is an ode to young new yorkers: modern, creative, stylish and always ready to have fun. The energy and dynamics of the city that never sleeps were captured through an unexpected mixture of aromas such as passion fruit, rum, vanilla, gardenia, musk and tonka bean – all of which confer 212 VIP the status of an...

Bvlgari Man: new perfume for men

Created by the perfumer Alberto Morillas for Bvlgari, the new men’s perfume by the Italian brand is described as being of woodsy and oriental inspiration and was created for sophisticated and intense men. The essence of contemporary masculinity, surrounded by a fresh and timeless aroma, was the goal of Bvlgari’s new men’s perfume and the name chosen for the fragrance – Man – just reinforces the entire concept. Choosing actor Clive Owen as the face of the perfume also helps…

“Amor Amor Absolu” is the new perfume by Cacharel

Amor Amor Absolu
A more intense and intoxicating version of its predecessor – “Amor Amor” – the new woman’s perfume by Cacharel was appropriately baptized as “Amor Amor Absolu”. Created by the perfumer Dominique Ropion, the inspiration for Cacharel’s most recent fragrance was a deep and passionate love story. The emotion and intensity of those feelings were captured through seductive and unexpected aromas such as lily of the valley, jasmine, frangipani, benzoin, pineapple, grapefruit, praline and vanilla.

Calvin Klein presents its new perfume “Beauty”

A veteran in the art of perfumery, Calvin Klein has delighted his fans with a new perfume – it’s called “Beauty” and has as its main inspiration a woman’s inner beauty, something that a fragrance can be easily associated to. Simple and unpretentious, the new perfume by Calvin Klein, “Beauty”, wants to represent three things: elegance, sophistication and timelessness… just as the woman who chooses to embrace this aroma. Created by the perfumer Sophie Labbé, the beauty of this perfume is in the harmonious and subtle blend of cally lily, jasmine, cedar wood and ambretta seeds. Less is definitely...

Bleu de Chanel for men

Bleu de Chanel for men
Its name was inspired by a 1930s Chanel perfume – Le Bleu de Chanel – its creation is the work of the French brand’s current perfumer, Jacques Polge, and the advertising film is directed by Martin Scorsese. The result? A contemporary and seductive masculine perfume whose main target are younger men. Belonging to the woody fragrance family , Bleu de Chanel for men is also a perfume of marine-sport inspiration, thanks to notes of lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, nutmeg, pink pepper, peppermint, ginger, jasmine, vetiver, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, frankincense and labdanum. Intense and...

Thierry Mugler launches third perfume: Womanity

After successes like “Angel” and “Alien”, Thierry Mugler has just launched his third perfume: “Womanity”. Created to celebrate all women from around the world, this fragrance is an aromatic gourmet experience that combines sweet and salty notes. “Womanity”, Thierry Mugler’s new perfume, surprises not only because of its composition, but also because of its technologically advanced production process: the two main and contrasting notes of this fragrance are caviar and figs, whose aromas were obtained through molecular extraction.

Gucci presents “Guilty”: is this perfume guilty or not guilty?

The fifth perfume by the Italian house of Gucci pleads guilty right from the start, but it can only be guilty of being a sensual and intoxicating fragrance. Created for the 21st century woman: young, courageous, smart, sexy and just a little bit dangerous, Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini, says that this perfume is meant for those women who don’t like to sit around waiting for things to happen.