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Victoria & David Beckham launch new perfume duo

Victoria & David Beckham launch new perfume duo

Fashion and style icons, Victoria and David Beckham have launched another set of perfumes: one for her, one for him. With a sexy and provocative name – Intimately Yours – this perfume was conceived to capture the essence of the passion and power that defines the Beckham’s relationship.

Ladies’ first, so we present Intimately Yours For Her as a warm and captivating perfume, that seduces thanks to such notes as pear leaves, orange blossom, bergamot, freesia, lily, frangipani, vetiver, orris and sandalwood. A floral-oriental inspiration for the entire body…

For the guys, Intimately Yours For Him is equally as seductive, without foregoing the elegance that every male perfume should encompass.  A citrus-oriental inspiration, this fragrance is composed by notes of lavender, sage, crushed leaves, sandalwood, vetiver, frozen basil, tonka bean, blood mandarin  and frozen lemon. An aromatic mixture that arouses curiosity…

What can be sexier than a man and a woman intimately perfumed by these fragrances? Only the advertising spot for Intimately Yours, starring the Beckham’s themselves.