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Thierry Mugler launches third perfume: Womanity

After successes like “Angel” and “Alien”, Thierry Mugler has just launched his third perfume: “Womanity”. Created to celebrate all women from around the world, this fragrance is an aromatic gourmet experience that combines sweet and salty notes.

“Womanity”, Thierry Mugler’s new perfume, surprises not only because of its composition, but also because of its technologically advanced production process: the two main and contrasting notes of this fragrance are caviar and figs, whose aromas were obtained through molecular extraction.

Toting the slogan "The invisible bond between women", the perfume “Womanity” is a tribute to feminine creativity and to the special connection that exists between women – that’s also why the perfume’s name is a combination of the words “woman” and “humanity”.

“Womanity’s” perfume bottle is also simultaneously feminine and strong, girly and edgy, with its body of simple lines and pink shades contrasting with the metal sculpted cap that incorporates a ring and a chain which represents the invisible bond between all women. The top part of the bottle is sculpted with various friezes and a feminine face, which is definitely a tribute to women from around the globe of all generations, ethnicities and social status.

A perfume for every woman, different, but the same…