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Marc Jacobs launches perfume collection: Splash Cocktail

Just in time for Summer, the new collection of women’s perfumes by Marc Jacobs appeals to all senses: fresh, colorful, vibrant and young, they are perfect fragrances for days filled with sun, beach and fun.

With an equally attractive name, the Splash Cocktail collection – a limited edition by Marc Jacobs – is composed of three perfumes:

  1. Curacao – blue like the ocean, this is a delicious fruity perfume that was inspired by the refreshing fragrances of citrus, pear, apricot, musk, violet and white moss.
  2. Cranberry – feminine and pink, this fragrance can be described as a fruity- floral, highlighted by aromas such as cranberry, red currant, orange, musk, honeysuckle and exotic woods.
  3. Ginger – yellow like the sun, this perfume has a touch of spices, thanks to the fragrant combination between ginger, coriander, rhubarb, cognac, passion flower, sandalwood, musk and geranium.

A summer cocktail for the body and the soul…