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Loud is the new perfume for men and women by Tommy Hilfiger

Loud new perfume Tommy Hilfiger

Inspired by rock & roll and destined for the young men and women that are already fans of Tommy Hilfiger jeans, the american designer just launched a new perfume duo for him and for her. The analogy with music is very present: not only in the name of the new perfume – “Loud” – but also in the bottle, which was inspired by old vinyl records.

Aurelien Guichard and Yann Vasnier are the perfumers responsible for the new fragrance “Loud” and, while the feminine version is mainly based on notes of rose and litchi, with a spritz of patchouli in its base; the masculine version highlights patchouli, with a discreet touch of rose.

The bottles resembling records – pink for her, black for him – have yet another delicious detail: the cap also resembles the silver knobs found on vintage stereos.  

A cool and casual perfume, to be used in unison, preferably loud and clear…