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Jennifer Lopez presents her 7th perfume: Deseo

Jennifer Lopez Deseo

After “Glow”, “Love at First Glow”, “Glow After Dark”, “Live”, “Live Luxe” and “Still”, pop diva, Jennifer Lopez, presents her 7th perfume – “Deseo”. Her latin origins were the base for choosing the name – which means desire – and, according to the singer/actress, it was her own garden which inspired the notes of this fragrance.

An intoxicating mixture of freshness – jasmine, orange flower and wet bamboo leaves – and of heat – amber, wood and musk, make “Deseo” one of Jennifer Lopez’s most sensual perfumes, as the enticing advertising campaign suggests: “Let desire lead you”…

Blue and gold are the colours used in the bottle, reminding us of sand and sea, nothing more appropriate, seeing as this is a perfect Summer perfume.