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Gucci presents “Guilty”: is this perfume guilty or not guilty?


The fifth perfume by the Italian house of Gucci pleads guilty right from the start, but it can only be guilty of being a sensual and intoxicating fragrance. Created for the 21st century woman: young, courageous, smart, sexy and just a little bit dangerous, Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini, says that this perfume is meant for those women who don’t like to sit around waiting for things to happen.

Of floral and oriental inspiration, the perfume “Guilty” is composed by notes of peach, mandarin, pink pepper, amber, patchouli, lilac and geranium. The fragrance’s bottle is also an object of desire, whose two golden intertwined Gs look like they could belong on a belt buckle or bag clasp. It is the first time that Gucci’s unmistakable logo is portrayed this way on a perfume – and this is definitely a bottle that you’ll want to keep long after the fragrance has run out.

The perfume “Guilty” – who has actress Evan Rachel Wood as its ambassador – took two years to be completed and now it’s ready to be used and abused, without any type of remorse.