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Gucci: Guilty for men

Gucci: Guilty for men

After the Guilty perfume for women, Gucci launches the masculine version… equally as guilty… of being a seductive and passionate fragrance. Gucci Guilty Pour Homme wants to be the epitome of luxury and a strong lifestyle – desired by men who are young, confident, charismatic, who enjoy taking risks… a man who is guilty of being who he is, without any restraints.

In terms of fragrance, the most recent male perfume by Gucci was developed by the brand’s own creative director, Frida Giannini, and is based on the following notes: pink pepper, cardamom, mandarin, Italian lemon, orange blossom, green leaves, sandalwood, cedar, lavender, amber, neroli and patchouli.

The actors Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood are the protagonists of the advertising campaign that has, at its centre, the sensuality of an equally strong perfume bottle (characterized by the coolness and masculinity of polished steel), without forgetting Gucci’s renowned symbol – the two intertwined “Gs”.

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme…guilty of being an irresistible perfume, for him and for her…