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Eva Mendes is Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession

Eva Mendes Obsession

Calvin Klein just launched a reinvention of his famous “Obsession” perfume. Even more sensual than the original and perfect for the upcoming colder months, “Secret Obsession” is a magical potion with very oriental notes, especially the sublime aromas of exotic plums, french orange flower, wood, burnt amber and sandalwood.

The brand name describes its new fragrance like this: “Secret Obsession explores the secrets that lie between love and madness. It’s about being taunted with illicit thoughts and compelled with seeking pleasure”.

It’s no secret that the sensual actress Eva Mendes is one of Calvin Klein’s greatest muses and it is precisely this latin beauty who is the face and the body of this new perfume. Surrounded by a lot of controversy, the television advertising campaign for this aroma was banned in the United States because it was considered way too scandalous!

Isn’t that how perfumes are supposed to be? Mysterious, passionate, sexy? A true “secret obsession”?