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Dior presents “Escale à Portofino”

Escale à Portofino

“There is nothing more suggestive than a perfume, precisely because it is a memory we cannot erase.”

- Christian Dior

The mythical french house of Dior has added another Summer pearl to its already valuable perfume collection and was inspired by… Italy! Knowing that it was one of Christian Dior’s favourite vacation spots, the perfumist François Demachy used citrus from Sicily and Calabria as inspiration, and added notes of cypress and bitter almond (very appropriate seeing as amaretto is one of the great italian legacies!).

The result is called “Escale à Portofino” and it is a tribute to Portofino, a small and idyllic fishing port snuggled into the Italian Riviera and the preferred refuge of the rich and famous from around the world. Ever year Dior is going to launch a new perfume surrounding the theme “one essence, one voyage”.

Cool and elegant, to feel “Escale à Portofino” on your body is like sun bathing in the Mediterranean… unforgettable!