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Davidoff “Champion” for him

Davidoff “Champion”

The new Davidoff perfume is sporty, masculine and with a dumbbell-shaped bottle, it could only be named “Champion”. With a very sexy and powerful look, this fragrance was designed not only with athletes in mind, but all men who live an active lifestyle, based on values such as ambition, motivation and success.

Much more than a perfume, Davidoff’s “Champion” wants to be part of that daily ritual that motivates a man to go farther, to do bigger and better things, to be a true champion in all his endeavors. The image of the dumbbell reinforces that strength and the entire design of this original perfume bottle, conceived with glass and silver metal, is a distinguishing feature among other fragrances.

Simultaneously fresh and intoxicating, this “Champion” fragrance is based on notes of lemon, bergamot, galbanum, clary sage, cedar wood and oak moss. Davidoff’s perfume “Champion” includes a complete collection of products, such as hair and body shampoo, deodorant stick, after shave splash and balm, so the champion has everything he needs…