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David Beckham presents new perfume

David Beckham perfume

With various perfumes already launched – solo or in partnership with wife Victoria Beckham – David Beckham is no stranger to the world of fragrance and to prove it is the debut of his 6th perfume. His new fragrance is called “David Beckham Homme” and has himself as its inspiration.

A joint venture with Coty, David Beckham has confessed that he wanted to create a perfume that was “modern and masculine, that reflects my style”. The result? A fragrance that is based on woody and spicy aromas, namely notes such as ginger, Szechuan pepper, citrus, rosemary, patchouli, musk, leather, and various woods (cashmere, mahogany).

A trendy perfume for trendy men, in other words, very David Beckham style…