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David and Victoria Beckham’s new perfumes

David and Victoria Beckham perfumes

The DVB perfume line, belonging to the world’s most famous english couple – David and Victoria Beckham – just received two new elements: one for him and one for her!

Created in cooperation with Coty, “Signature for Her” is a fruity-floral fragrance that seduces with anise and candy apple (top notes); vanilla, orchid and heliotrope (middle notes); amber, musk and patchouli (base notes).

“Signature for Him” on the other hand, is a fresh perfume, belonging to the woody fragrance family, but with an oriental touch. Its top notes are mandarin, watermelon and the sea; cypress, juniper and Lantana blossom are the heart notes; and the base notes are represented by the unmistakable aromas of patchouli, oakmoss and white amber.