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Christina Aguilera presents “Inspire”

Christina Aguilera “Inspire”

Known for her exuberance and platinum blond hair, popstar Christina Aguilera put the microphones aside and, only eight months after giving birth to her first child, created and presented the perfume “Inspire”.

Far from being an amateur in the world of perfumes (she has half a dozen signature fragrances), Christina Aguilera’s recent launch was “inspired” by everything that a female perfume should be: classic and timeless, sexy, sweet and exciting!

The top notes are vibrant and fruity (mango, citrus complex and hydroponic freesia); while the heart notes are characterized as white floral (rose, frangipani and tuberose). Sexy vibes dominate the base notes, composed of musk, sandalwood and valencia orange.

The pear-shaped bottle reveals a precious pink liquid that contrasts perfectly with the silver cap, adorned with red stones and the initials “CA”. In the commercial created to advertise the perfume, it is the one and only Christina Aguilera who defies us to “follow our inspiration”…