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Bvlgari Man: new perfume for men

Created by the perfumer Alberto Morillas for Bvlgari, the new men’s perfume by the Italian brand is described as being of woodsy and oriental inspiration and was created for sophisticated and intense men.

The essence of contemporary masculinity, surrounded by a fresh and timeless aroma, was the goal of Bvlgari’s new men’s perfume and the name chosen for the fragrance – Man – just reinforces the entire concept. Choosing actor Clive Owen as the face of the perfume also helps…

Olfactory speaking, this perfume is a sensorial mix with bergamot, lotus blossom and violet leaves occupying the position of top notes. The middle notes are comprised by vetiver, sandalwood and cypriol; the base notes were elaborated with cashmere wood, benzoin, amber, musk and white honey.

Bvlgari Man: masculine charisma …