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Bang: new men’s perfume by Marc Jacobs

Simultaneously explosive and contained: this is how Marc Jacobs’ new men’s perfume can be described. Starting with its name – “Bang” – as well as its bottle, that resembles shattered glass, and ending with the fragrance that is a soft mixture of black, white and pink pepper, benzoin, elemi resin, vetiver, patchouli and white moss.

A perfume of spicy-woody inspiration that was only born after the name was decided. Marc Jacobs used the name “Bang” and his passion for the aroma of pepper as a starting point for his first perfume in 8 years.

Developed in collaboration with Coty, the designer describes the perfume “Bang” as a fragrance for “a contemporary guy, who, even if he isn’t young, has a younger spirit” and it is the one and only Marc Jacobs that bares his face and body for the perfume’s advertising campaign.

“Bang” by Marc Jacobs – strong on the outside, soft on the inside.