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Mother's Day

5 perfumes to gift on Mother’s Day 2014

Nothing says "I love you mom" like a wonderful perfume: whether it’s floral and delicate or intense and fragrant – the most important thing is that it matches mom’s style and spirit. To give you a little hand, we’ve chosen 5 perfect perfumes to give on Mother's Day 2014. 1. La Tentation de Nina – Nina Ricci The most recent Nina Ricci perfume was launched in early 2014 and, as its name reveals, this is a truly tempting fragrance. Starting with its apple shaped bottle and culminating in its sweet aroma, composed of macaroon, vanilla, almond, raspberry, bergamot, lemon, Bulgarian rose,...

5 perfumes to give on Mother’s Day

Some people may think that giving a perfume is a cliché and that it is a gift that is everything but original… however, they couldn’t be more wrong. The truth is that women don’t mind receiving perfume on any or even every gift-giving date. A perfume is a luxurious and elegant present… and who doesn’t enjoy receiving those kinds of gifts? So, on Mother’s Day, don’t think twice. Whether she is younger or more mature, more outgoing or shy, every mom will love receiving a new perfume on her day. Discover the most recent launches in the perfume world, all of which will surely delight the best...

5 new perfumes for Mother’s Day

Perfumes for Mother’s Day
Next Mother’s Day give your mom a fragrant, feminine and fantastic gift… choose one of these 5 new perfumes from the world of fragrances and see your mother’s face light up with joy when she unwraps that wonderful Mother’s Day present… 1. L.I.L.Y – Stella McCartney Designer Stella McCartney’s second perfume is called L.I.L.Y and it is a homage to her mother Linda, whom her father, Paul McCartney, called LILY (short for “Linda I Love You”). The heart of the perfume is also the flower with the same name – lily – that together with truffle, patchouli, ambrette, oak moss, white musk, pink and...