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Father's Day

3 new perfumes to gift on Father’s Day

You simply can’t go wrong with perfumes – they combine perfectly with fathers and, therefore, there is no greater gift for Father's Day. Whether he’s a sportsman, an extremely cool or stylish father, these three new fragrances will leave him happy and more gorgeous than ever! 1. Montblanc Legend Special Edition – Montblanc A special edition for a special man! Next Father's Day, surprise dad with the latest fragrance from Montblanc – a perfume that is invigorating and timeless, masculine and irresistible. Composed by a base of woody notes, the fragrance is enhanced by aromas of green apple,...

5 new perfumes for Father’s Day

A great perfume is always a wonderful gift so, if you’re stuck on what to give for Father’s Day, be inspired by these 5 suggestions and give your dad one of the latest additions to the world of perfumes… he deserves it! 1. Jaguar Classic Amber – Jaguar If your dad loves cars and perfumes, then there is no better gift for Father’s Day than the new perfume by Jaguar. Classic Amber is just that, a classic and timeless fragrance, with a complete and sublime cocktail of aromas such as petit grain, grapefruit, mandarin, apple, cinnamon, vanilla, pink pepper, black pepper, orange blossom, elemi,...