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Top 5 men’s perfumes for Christmas 2010

One of the most popular Christmas gifts, perfumes are perfect for husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers, nephews, cousins and friends. Be inspired by these fragrant suggestions and, this Christmas, surprise the men in your life with an unforgettable perfume.

1. Force – Biotherm Homme

The men’s skincare brand Biotherm Homme wants every man to be at his optimal force this Christmas, so it just launched its first perfume. In order to express the power that a masculine perfume can portray, the name “Force” couldn’t be a better choice. In terms of fragrance, this fresh perfume is enchanting, thanks to citric, wood and water notes. This Christmas, give the man in your life a little force…

2. Pure Game – Adidas

Normally, men love sports in general and soccer in particular: Adidas was inspired by this passion and transformed it into a perfume that, although was originally presented as a limited edition in honor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, turned out to be so successful that it is now a part of the Adidas perfume collection for good. Energetic and passionate, “Pure Game” is a woody masculine perfume, highlighted by tamboti, cypress and guaiac wood; as well as tonka bean, patchouli, incense, lavender, pepper, basil, mandarin and grapefruit. For the athlete in your life…

3. 7 – Loewe

Most of the time, “7” is considered a lucky number, and any man who receives the new perfume by Loewe this Christmas, can consider himself very lucky! Curiously, this fragrance is linked to bullfighting and Spanish bullfighter, Cayetano Rivera Ordoñez, is the face of the campaign. Being a bullfighter also requires a good dose of luck and audacity, without ever compromising elegance and that’s where such delicious notes as red apple, pepper, rose, lily-of-the-valley, incense, vetyver, neroli, cedar and musk come in. For the “bullfighter” in your life… olé!

4. Boss Bottled Night – Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is synonymous of unforgettable men’s perfumes and “Boss Bottled Night” incorporates into its midnight blue bottle, an intense and seductive fragrance. Actor Ryan Reynolds is the face of the campaign, transmitting confidence and charisma, both of which are also a result of the intoxicating mix between African violet, lavender, birch, louro amarelo wood and musk. For steamy winter nights…

5. The One Gentleman – Dolce & Gabbana

Sophisticated, confident and timeless, the new perfume by Dolce & Gabbana was created for the “gentlemen” of the 21st century and with actor Matthew McConaughey as ambassador, the fragrance was appropriately baptized as “The One Gentleman”. With its notes of vanilla, patchouli, lavender, fennel, cardamom and pepper, this fragrance is hard to miss. The bottle’s minimal and elegant design also stands out… making this the perfect perfume for the man in your life, you know, “the one”…

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