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Prada Candy: a sweet perfume

Prada Candy

Warm, sweet, flirty and entirely girly, the new perfume by Prada appeals to all senses and to the pleasure that is life. Stepping back from its traditionally classic attitude – namely in what concerns perfumes – Prada challenged itself with the creation of Candy. And it seems like the challenge was surpassed… the sweetest way possible!

Prada’s third perfume has everything that good candy should have and, with its woody-oriental inspiration, it is transformed into a delicious temptation comprised of aromas such as sweetened benzoin, root beer, caramel, vanilla and musk.

And because the eyes are also tempted, the packaging for Prada’s new perfume is a delicious retro-chic inspired bottle with black, gold and bright pink details, besides an original cap that is simultaneously the perfume dispenser.

Daring, sensual and full of life, that is the Prada woman, that is the new Prada perfume…

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