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How to choose a male perfume

A masculine perfume can reveal so much about the man who wears it, namely his personality and lifestyle. Whether you’re going to choose a male fragrance for personal enjoyment or are planning to gift a man a perfume, these are some of the tips to consider before buying.

Great smelling men

Choosing the right perfume is often a complicated task, which means that several aspects that can provide valuable support at the time of purchase should be taken into account. When a man buys a perfume for himself, as a rule he already knows what he likes and dislikes in the world of fragrances, including what kind of perfumes he may take a risk on or not. If someone else is going to acquire a masculine scent, to gift for example, then there are other tips to consider: mainly you should know the man who will use it pretty well, paying particular attention to his lifestyle, his daily routine, as well as other details that will help you make the right choice.

Masculine perfume = Masculine style

It is important that a perfume, just like clothing, is in sync with the personality of the man that is going to use it. It’s not worth choosing a fragrance that contradicts the profile of its user, just because it is trending or is a bestselling perfume. What to take into account when choosing a masculine scent:

  • Men with a very strong personality, who are considered super active, creative and curious, tend to opt more for perfumes that have lavender, sage, rosemary and oak moss in their composition. These elements give the scent a woody fragrance, as well as a touch of citrus.
  • For men with a classic style, for top executives or those with leadership responsibilities, perfumes with woody aromas are the most suitable because they have a remarkable fragrance that conveys a sense of strength and power. Perfumes with elements like sandalwood and cedar are also an excellent option for men with this type of profile.
  • As for men with a sportier lifestyle, perfumes with citrus scents (like orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin and bergamot) or fragrances with wood, grass and herbaceous plants at their base, are the most recommended.
  • For more irreverent and daring men, who like to look and smell great, the choice may fall on perfumes with oriental aromas, especially those with tobacco and amber notes.
  • Another issue to consider when choosing a masculine scent is the time of year. Buying a men's fragrance for winter is totally different from choosing a masculine scent for summer!
  • When in doubt and if you’re not familiar with the different aromatic families that exist in the world of perfumes, it’s always a good idea to take a peek at the collection of fragrances that the man you are going to gift already owns and take those names with you when you go shopping for that male perfume.
  • If you’re unable to take a look at the perfumes that the man in question already has, opt for a light, fresh scent – it’s foolproof!
  • To ensure that the perfume you’re going to gift is not pushed off to the side and forgotten because the man was unable to identify himself with it, at the time of the purchase, ask the shop assistant to prepare a small sample of the perfume you bought and put it in the package. This way, the man can test the new perfume first and, if he doesn’t like it, he can easily exchange it for another perfume because he ended up not opening the original packaging.

Avoid mixing scents

When choosing a perfume, whether male or female, don’t test too many fragrances simultaneously. After smelling three perfumes, the scent starts to get saturated and the true aroma of the contemplated fragrance is not truly felt. If you want to try more perfumes, head out to get some fresh air, do some inhales and exhales before returning to the perfume shop to continue the search for the best male perfume.

Remember that each person has his own smell and that it is characteristic of that person alone – which depends on your skin type, the presence or absence of sweating, eating habits, medication and hygiene products used, among others. More often than not, these factors are able to change the smell of the chosen scent, so you may also want to consider these details.

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