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5 women’s perfumes to give on Valentine’s Day 2014

If you are unsure about the gift that you want to give your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, go for a perfume. Extremely feminine, women love them and a perfume never goes out of style ... apart from being a little token that makes them feel very special. Be inspired by these 5 very fragrant and romantic suggestions...  

1. See by Chloé – Chloé

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Created for passionate women, who love living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment, this feminine perfume transports the senses to an intoxicating game of hide and seek where, one by one, irresistible aromas such as bergamot, apple flower, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood are released. 

2. Dior Addict Eau Délice – Dior

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With a wonderful floral touch, whoever wears this perfume is a conqueror by nature and enjoys a little game of seduction. The scents chosen to compose this fragrance were cherries, sweet and sour, in a fruity floral fusion that enhances the gorgeous fragrance hidden inside this bright red bottle. Next Valentine's Day, seduce the most iconic woman in your life with this exciting perfume... 

3. Provence – La Façon

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A fragrance that exudes magic and delicacy, the lavender notes are the tonic of the entire fragrance, inspired by the flavors and colors of southeastern France. If your girlfriend enjoys the scent of olive trees, lavender and French streets that inspired artists such as Monet, than this is the perfume that you must gift her on Valentine's Day. 

4. Boss Jour Pour Femme – Hugo Boss

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Light, feminine and with the unmistakable Hugo Boss touch, this perfume is released onto the skin like a new day, where the possibilities and inspiration are endless. It is a very elegant fragrance with a hint of citrus fruit and floral whites, without forgetting the unique fusion of aromas such as lemon, honeysuckle, musk, lily and amber. The woman in your life deserves this perfume on Valentine’s Day! 

5. Hypnotic Poison – Dior

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It has the Dior seal and the truth is that this fragrance may seem familiar to you ... and it is! Originally released in 1998, it has now been reinvented and launched with an amazing and new oriental style, without neglecting its traditional delicacy and freshness. The jasmine notes are the start of a citrus scent that evolves into notes of vanilla, eventually creating an explosive and quite exotic ambiance. It was conceived for all those women who have a romantic and delicate profile, but simultaneously daring and sensual. What girlfriend wouldn’t love to be mesmerized by this perfume on Valentine's Day?

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