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5 women’s perfumes to give on Valentine’s Day

If there is a present that women love, it’s a great perfume! And if there is an ideal occasion to give a woman a perfume, than that occasion is Valentine’s Day. 5 perfume suggestions for all styles and senses of smell… surprise the woman in your life with an unforgettable fragrance!

1. Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon – Nina Ricci

Deliciously fun and feminine, the Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon perfume is what you call an inspiring fragrance! With notes of ginger, rhubarb, raspberry, tuberose, Centifolia rose, Beauty of the Night, sandalwood and patchouli, putting on this perfume is like wearing a party… This is however a limited edition, which only makes giving this perfume as a Valentine’s Day gift even more special.

2. Cashmere Mist Liquid Nude – Donna Karan

Sensual inside and out, Cashmere Mist Liquid Nude breathes seduction and softness: lily of the valley, pink cyclamen petals, orange flowers, ylang ylang, Moroccan and Indian jasmine, sandalwood, labdanum, benzoin, tonka beans, white amber, musk and suede.  A perfume that personifies olfactory cashmere, for soft and perfumed skin – something that you’ll both want to feel on Valentine’s Day…

3. Versace Vanitas – Versace

Mysterious and seductive, the secret behind Versace Vanitas perfume is in its sublime mixture of aromas such as lime, gardenia, freesia, cedar and tonka bean, which transforms it into a unique and exclusive fragrance. Considered a haute couture perfume, Versace Vanitas is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the lucky lady in your life…

4. Green Tea Lavender – Elizabeth Arden

Soft, refreshing and irresistible, the Green Tea Lavender perfume by Elizabeth Arden was created for women who prefer simple fragrances, but won’t forgo a great perfume. She will love breathing in and wearing the aroma of organic lavender, green tea, lemon, mandarin, chamomile, mint, magnolia, ambrette seed and musk, because this perfume is a breath of fresh air for any beauty routine. Simplicity never smelled so good…

5. Marry Me – Lanvin

If you’ve chosen Valentine’s Day to make a very special request, than this perfume is the icing on the cake! Marry Me by Lanvin can give you a little help when it’s time to pop the big question: imagine the surprise factor! A symbol of modern love and created to reflect moments of sheer joy, this perfume by Lanvin is made up of a delicious cocktail of bitter orange, peach, magnolia, jasmine, freesia, rose, amber, white cedar and musk. A perfume that smells of romance and happiness… could there be a better Valentine’s Day gift?

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