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5 perfumes to give on Mother’s Day

Some people may think that giving a perfume is a cliché and that it is a gift that is everything but original… however, they couldn’t be more wrong. The truth is that women don’t mind receiving perfume on any or even every gift-giving date. A perfume is a luxurious and elegant present… and who doesn’t enjoy receiving those kinds of gifts? So, on Mother’s Day, don’t think twice. Whether she is younger or more mature, more outgoing or shy, every mom will love receiving a new perfume on her day. Discover the most recent launches in the perfume world, all of which will surely delight the best mothers in the world.

1. Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme – Lacoste

A simple perfume that captures the sensuality of delicate flowers and the softness of cotton on the skin, the new fragrance by Lacoste is modern and different from all the others. The most feminine and sweet mothers out there will adore this scent, with top notes comprised of pineapple leaves, orange blossoms, roses and jasmine, followed by vanilla and sandalwood nuances. The bottle is equally feminine and pretty, with its white and light rose colors that together will lend beauty and fragrance to Mother’s Day.

2. Nina L'eau – Nina Ricci

In 2006, Nica Ricci launched her perfume Nina, a fruity fragrance in its unmistakable apple-shaped bottle. In 2013, this perfume is reinvented… and just in time for Mother’s Day! Nina L'eau is a cool, refreshing fragrance with apple, grapefruit, mandarin and bitter orange oil notes. The base and middle notes include cherry, gardenia and musk. It’s the perfect perfume for fun and outgoing women, mom’s included!

3. The One Desire – Dolce & Gabbana

Following the success of the other Dolce & Gabbana The One fragrances, The One Desire is the brand’s most recent launch. This new perfume is in step with the current trend of black packaging and maintains the beautiful Scarlett Johansson as the face of its advertising campaign. With citrus notes, as well as a beautiful combination of the essence of lychee, mandarins and lilies, this perfume was created for sensual, gorgeous, confident women. It is a fragrance that attracts attention, so it is perfect for those women who captivate everyone’s eyes when they walk into a room. A surprising perfume, a gift that will definitely surprise on Mother’s Day.

4. Valentina Acqua Floreale – Valentino

After the fantastic success of the fragrance Valentina by Valentino in 2011, its softer version has arrived. In 2012, Valentino had already launched a more intense variation of this perfume, Valentina Assoluto. In 2013, Valentina Acqua Floreale spreads its scent with a perfume that leads us to imagine that we are walking through a magnificent summer garden, surrounded by the purest natural beauty. This fragrance, composed of several floral layers, has mimosa, tuberose, jasmine and bitter orange essential oil as its top notes. At its base lie oriental notes such as amber and patchouli. It is the ideal fragrance for perfuming Mother's Day...

5. Cherry in the Air – Escada

If you usually follow perfume trends, you are certainly familiar with the limited editions that Escada launches every summer. This year, Escada’s summer perfume has a very sweet name that matches its cherry and sunny day fragrance. A sweet and fruity perfume that is ideal for women who are equally sweet, loving and fun. The fragrance’s top notes are cherry and raspberry, but it also contains essences of marshmallow and a touch of wood. The perfume bottle, a beautiful gift in itself, will certainly delight the best mothers in the world on Mother's Day...


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