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5 perfumes to give kids on Children's Day

Nobody is indifferent to the wonderful feeling of receiving an equally wonderful perfume as a gift, and then be able to wear it every day ... not even kids! On Children's Day, make the kids in your life even happier by gifting them a perfume that was exclusively designed and created for them!

1. Jacadi Garçon & Jacadi Fille  

For little princes, Jacadi proposes Garçon, a unique perfume, created with notes of peach, bergamot, apricot, tangerine, amber, rose and musk. For little princesses, perfume Fille is equally compelling, based on notes like lime, orange, fig, licorice, caramel, iris, violet, tonka and musk. After applying and wearing this perfume, they will feel all grown up!

2. Eau de Cologne Babé

Alcohol-free and pleasantly refreshing, this eau de toilette is based on citrus notes, gently combined with chamomile flower and white tea. Perfect for sensitive skin, this perfume also has a light moisturizing action and its fun bottle will delight little ones at first sight!

3. Zara Girl & Zara Boy

For boys and for girls, Zara offers two very cool perfumes, to gift the coolest kids in your life on Children’s Day. Of one thing we are sure: the little ones will love them!

4. Burberry Baby Touch

Unisex, delicate and ideal for kids’ sensitive skin, this luxurious floral and fruity perfume combines notes like vanilla, milk, jasmine, lily of the valley, verbena, orange blossom, mandarin and mint, leaving kids with that irresistible baby smell! Available in alcohol and alcohol-free version.  

5. Tous Boy & Tous Girl

A luxury brand, offering two fun perfumes to gift the girl or boy in your life on Children's Day... in pink and blue as they both love and with a fresh and heavenly fragrance, that surely won’t last very long!

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