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5 perfumes to gift on Mother’s Day 2014

Nothing says "I love you mom" like a wonderful perfume: whether it’s floral and delicate or intense and fragrant – the most important thing is that it matches mom’s style and spirit. To give you a little hand, we’ve chosen 5 perfect perfumes to give on Mother's Day 2014.

1. La Tentation de Nina – Nina Ricci

The most recent Nina Ricci perfume was launched in early 2014 and, as its name reveals, this is a truly tempting fragrance. Starting with its apple shaped bottle and culminating in its sweet aroma, composed of macaroon, vanilla, almond, raspberry, bergamot, lemon, Bulgarian rose, sandalwood and white musk notes. No mother will resist this delicious temptation...

2. Black XS Potion for Her – Paco Rabanne

Dramatic and intense, for women who like striking and mysterious perfumes – so is this limited edition Paco Rabane, based on such powerful fragrances as grapefruit, Baccara roses, hellebore and black sandalwood. A fragrant gift to give on Mother's Day... but only for the coolest moms!

3. 212 VIP Rosé – Carolina Herrera

A pink and extremely feminine fragrance, composed by equally delicate and girly scents, especially the soft woody notes, magically blended with peach blossom and pink champagne. A true fragrant toast to all the VIP mothers in the world!

4. Jour d’Hermès Absolu – Hermès

Don’t know what perfume to choose? There's no doubt! A declaration of floral love, this perfume is an ode to three truly fragrant flowers: jasmine, gardenia and apricot flower – delicate and sensual aromas, contained in an elegant and timeless perfume bottle. Perfect for gifting the flower in your life on Mother's Day...

5. Tommy Girl Brights – Tommy Hilfiger

Fresh and youthful, this is a feel-good fragrance to gift on Mother's Day – she'll delight in this fruity fragrance which combines lemon, blueberry and bergamot, with other equally appealing aromas, such as lavender, jasmine, geranium, mimosa, iris, rose, saffron, pine and oak moss. An aromatic mix that mom will want to wear every day...


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