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5 men’s perfumes to give on Valentine’s Day 2014

They say that a perfume is a very personal thing that says a lot about who wears it, which means that since you know your boyfriend better than anyone else, a fragrance that represents him and contributes to his image and personality, is the perfect gift to say "I love you" on Valentine's Day ... For those men who are passionate about scents and follow all the major perfume trends, this list is infallible.

1. CK One Red Edition – Calvin Klein

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Red is passion, passion is love and love is Valentine’s Day – can you think of a better perfume to gift on this special date? This limited edition of the iconic CK One also presents something new: a female and male version of the perfume. With notes of black pepper, ginger, pear, musk, tonka beans, aldehyde, vetiver and suede, this perfume for men is truly exciting... 

2. Uomo – Valentino

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Presented at a party full of glamour and drama in Venice, the latest Valentino fragrance is a fusion of hazelnut cream, chocolate, roasted coffee and white leather. Intoxicating and delicious, it is the perfect perfume for men who are decided, charming, and know exactly what they want. To gift the man in your life this Valentine's Day...

3. L'Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme Mirror Edition – Kenzo

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A limited edition, a very cool version of a classic Kenzo, this is a fresh scent that appeals to a man’s true masculinity, which means it is everything any man is looking for in a perfume. A masculine fragrance based on notes of grapefruit, vodka, basil, sage, juniper, vetiver and musk, complemented by some aquatic nuances. Who is going to choose this perfume to gift on Valentine's Day? 

4. Bottega Veneta Pour Homme – Bottega Veneta

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Elegant, sensual and luxurious – so is the first male fragrance by Bottega Veneta. And what makes this a truly unforgettable debut perfume? With notes of bergamot, Jamaican pimento, sage, juniper berry, labdanum, pine, spruce, leather and patchouli, nobody will be able to resist this scent, neither he nor she...

5. Pasha Edition Noire – Cartier

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A modern and elegant reinterpretation of the iconic scent Pasha, Cartier's new fragrance is scented and bottled luxury. A magical blend of fresh, citrus and woody notes, especially cedar and amber. A luxurious scent that will be a luxurious gift for Valentine's Day... does he deserve it?


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