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5 men’s perfumes to give on Valentine’s Day

Nothing says I care about you or I love you like a great men’s perfume: a symbol of intimacy, good taste and sensuality, be inspired by these 5 perfumes to give on Valentine’s Day and make the man in your life happier and more fragrant… don’t forget you’ll also be able to enjoy this perfumed present!

1. Carbone de Balmain

If the idea is to give an unforgettable men’s perfume this Valentine’s Day, than Carbone de Balmain is a state of the art choice. Sophisticated and luxurious, starting with its seductive exterior and ending with its intoxicating interior, this perfume is the face of all modern men who share a passion for new technology and high performance, but find balance between resistance and lightness. Its golden liquid hides precious ingredients from the perfume world, such as black fig, bourbon pepper, incense, vetiver, musk, ivy, violet leaf, elemi resins and benzoin. A more than perfect perfume for that special man in your life, you know… the one…

2. Burberry Sport Ice

Sporty and refreshing, Burberry Sport Ice is a perfume for men who appreciate fragrances that invoke the outdoors and the feeling of being surrounded by natural beauty. This was achieved thanks to the capture of aromas such as citrus, ice crystals, frosted ginger, amber, musk and some woodsy notes. This perfume may be icy and its packaging cool and minimalist, but this is a fragrance that will definitely warm his heart this Valentine’s Day.

3. Zippo The Original

Designed by Zippo, mythical American brand of lighters, the perfume with the same name is a tribute to this iconic object – starting with its format and how it’s opened, without forgetting its compact and portable design. The brand says that this perfume is “the ideal companion for the adventures of day and the passions of night" and with notes of violet leaves, bergamot, grapefruit, apple, lavender, geranium, sage, tonka bean, black pepper,  patchouli, vanilla, cedar wood, vetiver and cashmere wood, we wholeheartedly agree. As the perfect perfume for Valentine’s Day we must cite Zippo itself: “Light your Passion”…

4. Boss Orange for Men

Hugo Boss is synonym for excellent men’s perfumes and the brand’s most recent fragrance – Boss Orange for Men – is no exception. With the slogan "Open Minds. Free Souls.”, this perfume is a powerful fragrance, created for a man who is optimistic, passionate, casual, relaxed and spontaneous. Its notes are few, but wonderful: apple, vanilla, African Bubinga wood, some incense and spices. The fact that Orlando Bloom is the face of the perfume’s advertising campaign just confirms its modern and urban concept. For the coolest man in your life…

5. Signé Cardin for Him

Pierre Cardin signs this elegant and confident perfume, for elegant and confident men. With a touch of sensuality, Signé Cardin is a sublime mixture of luxurious aromas, such as iced mint, bergamot, grapefruit, licorice, star anise, lavender, tonka bean and gaiac wood. Equally as sophisticated, the bottle and packaging make this perfume even more appealing… the perfect recipe for a fragrant and passionate Valentine’s Day…


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