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3 new perfumes to gift on Father’s Day

You simply can’t go wrong with perfumes – they combine perfectly with fathers and, therefore, there is no greater gift for Father's Day. Whether he’s a sportsman, an extremely cool or stylish father, these three new fragrances will leave him happy and more gorgeous than ever!

1. Montblanc Legend Special Edition – Montblanc


A special edition for a special man! Next Father's Day, surprise dad with the latest fragrance from Montblanc – a perfume that is invigorating and timeless, masculine and irresistible. Composed by a base of woody notes, the fragrance is enhanced by aromas of green apple, lime, cardamom and spearmint.

2. Get Ready! – Adidas


Inspired by Brazil and by the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Adidas has just released a limited edition perfume that is a perfect gift for Father's Day. Fresh and full of energy, the notes of pineapple, green mandarin, exotic fruit, lavender, sage, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar and sea breeze are what give life to this fragrance, which is definitely going to keep dad company throughout the entire World Cup and beyond!

3. Loewe Sport Collection – Loewe


Elegant and charming, the latest collection of perfumes by Loewe presents 4 sports inspired fragrances, with a touch of undeniable luxury. The hard part will be choosing between Loewe Pour Homme Sport, 7 Loewe Sport, Solo Loewe Sport and Esencia de Loewe Sport ... however, we’re sure that whatever the final choice, dad will absolutely love it!

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