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10 women’s perfumes to give and receive on Christmas 2013

Perfumes are compelling Christmas gifts because most women not only love perfumes, but also see them as an essential everyday accessory. With various combinations of scents and fragrances, perfumes are constantly evolving, and every new year brings with it new fragrant creations to the delight of women everywhere. This year is no exception and there are new launches in the perfume world that are great suggestions to give this Christmas. Which perfume will you gift the woman of your life?

1. Boss Jour Pour Femme – Hugo Boss

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To complete its night version – Boss Nuit Pour Femme – Boss Jour Pour Femme was released and the new Hugo Boss perfume, which has Gwyneth Paltrow as its ambassador, is everything a cosmopolitan woman looks for in an everyday fragrance. Lime, grapefruit blossom, lily of the valley, freesia, honeysuckle, amber and white-birch are the main notes of this floral and fruity perfume. A fragrance for women who know what they want ... do you know who you’re going to gift this perfume to this Christmas?

2. Chanel 1932 – Chanel

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With the unmistakable Chanel signature and the suggestive 1932 number, this perfume has a fruity fragrance with floral and wood notes. A wonderful blend of jasmine, pear and grapefruit makes this a soft and feminine perfume, perfect for those who like fresh scents, but with a sophisticated twist – achieved here thanks to the addition of musk. To give to the most elegant woman in your life...

3. Untold – Elizabeth Arden

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Each perfume has its own story, and this one tells the story of a modern city woman, whose path in life is noteworthy. Featuring a luxurious floral and slightly fruity composition, this perfume celebrates the sophistication of women in all aspects of their lives. And the bottle? Drop-dead gorgeous!

4. Honey – Marc Jacobs

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This is the ideal perfume for those women who like scents that stand out and that are fun! With an unexpected and very creative bottle, which holds inside a perfume based on notes of pear, tangerine, honeysuckle and orange blossom, this is a Christmas present that smells like spring!

5. Si – Giorgio Armani

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The beauty of Cate Blanchett as the face of the newest perfume by Giorgio Armani only serves to enhance this fantastic fragrance that involves notes of blackcurrant, May rose, freesia and vanilla, with some woody nuances. A fragrance which is simultaneously simple and sophisticated, and that will delight any woman on Christmas Eve.

6. Aftelier Cuir Gardenia

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If you want to surprise a fan of perfumes this Christmas, then this is the fragrance that you’ll want to gift her. Why? Three reasons: it is a solid perfume (but there is also a liquid version), it is a 100% natural scent and it smells heavenly thanks to 2 simple notes – gardenia and jasmine, along with a small woody touch. And the solid version box is perfect for a woman to carry around in her bag!

7. Flower in the Air – Kenzo

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A light and floral scent which has assumed itself as a new interpretation of the mythical Flower by Kenzo, in a version that is even more feminine, even more refined. A transparent and extremely appealing bottle is the guardian of this fragrance which includes notes of rose, magnolia, raspberry and white musk. This Christmas, there will be flowers in the air!

8. Rosabotanica – Balenciaga

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A fresh and floral fragrance that bursts into a vivacious scent with aromas of petitgrain, rose, hyacinth, fig leaves, grapefruit, pink pepper, cardamom, patchouli, cedar, white amber and vetiver. A symphony that shines through an equally energizing bottle. For women who cannot live without positive energy... and a consistent scent!

9. Place Vendôme – Boucheron

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A perfume that celebrates timeless luxury, Place Vendôme is a sensory trip to Paris. A premium blend of floral, woody and oriental notes produces a sensual and elegant fragrance that any woman would want to see in her stocking this Christmas and wear on her wrist every day of the new year.

10. Roses de Chloé – Chloé

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For the fans of Chloé perfumes, this new edition of the brand’s classic Eau de Parfum is sweeter, more delicate, more girly! Inspired by roses – inside and out – it also has other aromas like white musk and amber. A suggested Christmas gift for the most romantic woman in your life...

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