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10 women’s perfumes for Christmas 2011

Women’s perfume

Delicate or intense, fun or elegant, let yourself be delighted by these irresistible feminine perfumes and make the woman in your life happier… and more perfumed this Christmas!

1. Valentina – Valentino

Valentina – Valentino

A floral-oriental inspired fragrance, the new perfume by Valentino is simultaneously romantic and sexy, girly and sensual, thanks to a perfect combination of strawberries, vanilla, bergamot, white truffle, cedar, white flowers and amber.

2. Loverdose – Diesel

Loverdose – Diesel

Warm and captivating, Loverdose – the new perfume by Diesel – is a good dose of love, in a bottle with bold design, inspired by a rock ‘n roll heart. Beating inside that heart are intense and unforgettable aromas such as star anise, vanilla, licorice, lemon, mandarin, jasmine, gardenia, sandalwood and cedar.

3. Burberry Body – Burberry

Burberry Body – Burberry

Seductive and ultra feminine, the new Burberry perfume is an ode to the body, with its notes of peach, vanilla, absinthe, rose absolute, freesia, iris, amber, musk and sandalwood enveloping it in comfort and audacity. Model Rosie Huntington-Whitely is the face and the body of Burberry Body.

4. Diane – Diane von Furstenberg

Diane – Diane von Furstenberg

The famous designer Diane von Furstenberg has returned to the wonderful world of perfumes after an 8 year absence, but it was definitely worth the wait because her new perfume is a personal expression of her way of life – be the woman you want to be – something that she wishes is true for all women. A woodsy-floral inspiration (violet, frangipani, patchouli, myrrh and musk), Diane is everything a good perfume should be: glamorous, seductive, addictive.

5. Yellow Diamond – Versace

Yellow Diamond – Versace

A perfume that was inspired by the purity of light and the sparkle of diamonds is a perfect gift for Christmas. In comes Yellow Diamond, whose notes of bergamot, lemon leaves, pear sorbet, freesia, neroli, mimosa, orange blossom, nymphea, amber, musk and some woods, transform it into a truly illuminating perfume… for radiant women…

6. Forbidden Euphoria – Calvin Klein

Forbidden Euphoria – Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is synonym for addictive perfumes and Forbidden Euphoria is just another good example of a very tempting fragrance. Floral, fruity and oriental notes, such as raspberry, mandarin, pink peony, peach blossom, tiger orchid, jasmine, patchouli, cashmere wood and musk, make this one young and sexy perfume, a perfume that any woman would love to receive this Christmas.

7. Especially Escada – Escada

Especially Escada – Escada

Model Bar Rafaeli is the face of the Especially Escada advertising campaign, the ideal perfume to not only light up Winter’s greyest days, but also transition perfectly into Spring. The magical fusion of different aromas includes pear, rose, ylang ylang, ambrette and musk, as well as some aquatic nuances. With the tag line “create your world of happiness”, all that is left to be said is: make one of the women in your life even happier this Christmas!

8. Elie Saab Le Parfum – Elie Saab

Elie Saab Le Parfum – Elie Saab

Designer Elie Saab made his debut in the world of perfumes with an oriental inspired fragrance, a luxurious and refined aroma, just like his clothes. Strong and feminine, sweet and passionate, this perfume is enveloped by notes of jasmine, orange blossom, rose honey, cedar wood and patchouli. It has been said that it took 279 failed attempts before this perfume was conceived, which means that Elie Saab Le Parfum is also a symbol of perseverance… perfect for a fresh start to the new year.

9. Lovestruck – Vera Wang

Lovestruck – Vera Wang

Actress Leighton Meester is the ambassador for Vera Wang’s most recent perfume, which the designer describes as being sexy, sensual and unstoppable. What is the secret of this magical and deliciously fragrant formula? Guava, citrus, vanilla, lotus blossom, tuberose, angelica, musk and wood. For passionate women, for women who are in love…

10. Parfum Edition Limitée Noël – Jimmy Choo

Parfum Edition Limitée Noël – Jimmy Choo

A limited edition that is simply perfect for gift giving this Christmas, the Parfum Edition Limitée by Jimmy Choo is an ode to the modern woman who personifies a thousand and one roles, always with confidence and femininity. Composed by notes of orange confite, caramel, tiger orchid, patchouli and sandalwood, this is a perfume that will certainly be unique and unmatchable. Available exclusively at Sephora, it is also an irresistible collector’s item.


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