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10 new perfumes to give your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2012 with a marvelous perfume will leave any woman extremely happy so, choose between these 10 new fragrances and give your girlfriend an especially fragrant Valentine’s Day…

1. Nina Fantasy – Nina Ricci

Nina Fantasy – Nina Ricci

Inside and out, Nina Ricci’s perfumes are always charming and her new fragrance is an ode to Spring, so take advantage of Valentine’s Day to give it to the one you love and watch her fall in love with the divine mixture of brown sugar, tangerine, pear, bergamot, cherry blossom, rose and heliotrope.

2. Violet Blonde – Tom Ford

Violet Blonde – Tom Ford

Chic, contemporary and timeless, the new perfume by Tom Ford appeals to all senses and will certainly appeal to any woman: just imagine the wonderful fragrance that has been produced by carefully mixing citrus, sweet fruit, violet leaf and violet, iris, jasmine, white patchouli, as well as earthy and wood nuances. Love at first smell…

3. CH L’Eau – Carolina Herrera

CH L’Eau – Carolina Herrera

The best perfume to give the flower in your life this Valentine’s Day could only be the new fragrance by Carolina Herrera. It is an authentic garden in a bottle with citrus flowers (lemon, bergamot, sweet and sour orange flowers), wild flowers (jasmine, lily of the valley, heliotrope, violet), tree flowers (sandalwood, oleander, apple and cinnamon) and fruit flowers (fresia and osmanthus). A different kind of perfumed bouquet for Valentine’s Day…

4. Eau Rose – Diptyque

Eau Rose – Diptyque

Perfumed roses are the epitome of Valentine’s Day and when they come beautifully preserved in a lovely perfume bottle, even better. Complemented by other equally appealing notes (honey, bergamot, blackcurrant, lychee, musk, cedar and geranium), this is an exclusive perfume, for an exclusive woman…

5. It’s Me For Women – Jacomo

It’s Me For Women – Jacomo

For a cosmopolitan and fashionable woman, this perfume – whose bottle design was inspired by smartphones – is simultaneously sensual and playful, thanks to the curious combination of aromas such as mandarin, pear, pineapple, dry fruit, licorice, jasmine, freesia, lily of the valley, patchouli, iris, musk and sandalwood.

6. Princess Night – Vera Wang

Princess Night – Vera Wang

The princess in your life deserves a matching perfume so, on Valentine’s Day night, surprise her with the new Vera Wang fragrance: an explosion of wild berries, sugar, watermelon, vanilla, rose, orange blossom, jasmine, plumeria, musk and wood.

7. Bombshell in Love – Victoria’s Secret

Bombshell in Love – Victoria’s Secret

Tell her “I love you” with this fun and sweet Victoria’s Secret perfume! She will fall in love with everything it has to offer – from the girly and playful bottle, to the delicious feminine fragrance comprised of floral and fruity aromas. A lovely perfume to give your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day…

8. Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum – Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum – Bottega Veneta

If you only want the best for your girlfriend, on Valentine’s Day give her this luxurious Bottega Veneta perfume that is simultaneously elegant, modern and timeless, thanks to its triad of aromas: chipre, floral and leather. A femme fatal fragrance…

9. Love Sweet Love – Philosophy

Love Sweet Love – Philosophy

A magical potion composed of white musk, fruity and floral aromas that together express that wonderful feeling that is being in love. It will be love at first aroma with this simple, but unforgettable perfume…

10. Black XS L’Excès Femme – Paco Rabanne

Black XS L’Excès Femme – Paco Rabanne

A floriental inspiration, Paco Rabanne’s perfumes are always intense and inspiring and this one, with intoxicating notes of vanilla, neroli, black pepper, cashmere wood, rose and jasmine, is no exception. A perfume that also exists for men, just in case you want to give her a hint for Valentine’s Day

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