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10 men’s perfumes to give for Christmas 2013

Christmas is that time of year where most purchases are made, whether they are for gift giving to friends or family or for the home. Normally, watches, jewelry, clothes, chocolates and perfumes are the most popular and sought after Christmas gifts, both for men and women. In this sense, discover 10 men’s perfumes to give during Christmas 2013 and surprise the man in your life with one of the year’s best fragrances.

1. Only The Brave Tattoo – Diesel

Only The Brave Tattoo is an extraordinary perfume that can be gifted to any man this Christmas. It is produced by Diesel, has a fruity touch of apple and tangerine, as well as a woody oriental scent. It is, without a doubt, the ideal fragrance for confident and seductive men, but also for more rebellious and mysterious guys.

2. Hugo Red – Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Red, as the name implies, is a perfume by Hugo Boss which was released in 2013 and it promises to delight young and fearless men. It has a woody oriental scent and is an ideal gift for the male entrepreneur who seeks to overcome each and every one of his limitations.

3. Invictus – Paco Rabanne

Launched this year, Invictus is one of Paco Rabanne’s most recent and most sensual fragrances. It has fruity characteristics, namely citrus based, and is an excellent Christmas gift for the man who likes challenges and wants to be recognized and "envied" by those around him.

4. Eau de Nuit – Giorgio Armani

Eau de Nuit is the latest perfume by Giorgio Armani. This is an amazing fragrance with a unique essence, inspired by nature. It has a woody aroma with extracts of nutmeg, pink pepper and cedar and is the ideal Christmas gift for those who want to choose an elegant, understated and subtle perfume.

5. Polo Red – Ralph Lauren

Released in 2013, Polo Red is the new Ralph Lauren fragrance. It features a unique aroma of spices, which delights the sense of smell of both men and women. Giving someone this perfume on a special occasion such as Christmas is ideal for a powerful, passionate man, who loves to be challenged and who loves to challenge danger.

6. 212 Men Summer – Carolina Herrera

The 212 Men Summer is a Carolina Herrera perfume that was launched last summer. However, despite being considered a summer scent, it is still quite sought after this season, since many men prefer a refreshing scent instead of an intense winter perfume. This is a fragrance with a citrus essence: perfect for the man who lives off adventures and adrenaline.

7. Electric Seduction in Black – Antonio Banderas

Electric Seduction in Black is the latest fragrance by Antonio Banderas, for the year 2013. It is aromatic and woody and proves to be the model gift for men who not only enjoy taking care of their image, but also enjoy spreading glamour and sensuality.

8. Team Five Adidas


Team Five is a perfume by Adidas that was released in 2013. It is a very refreshing fragrance, which features a mixture of mint extracts with green apple and lemon. It is undoubtedly the best gift for a sportsman and for a man who loves a good adventure.

9. Freedom Sport – Tommy Hilfiger

Launched in 2013, Freedom Sport is the new Tommy Hilfiger perfume. A completely woody fragrance that stands out because of its marvelous blend of spices. The essence of cinnamon and white pepper is extremely refreshing, which makes this scent extremely appropriate for the sporty, sensitive and elegant man in your life.

10. Encounter Fresh – Calvin Klein

Fresh Encounter is one of the top fragrances launched in 2013. A fresh and woody Calvin Klein fragrance, the highlight goes to its lavender and rum scents. An enticing Christmas gift for the modern and sophisticated man.

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